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Legislation regulating drug consumption rooms

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European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Country mission Finland: HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and hepatitis B and C. Stockholm: ECDC; 2013.

The ECDC country visit to Finland in October 2012 aimed to review the national strategies and programmes for HIV and STI; to discuss the current situation with respect to HIV and STI prevention and control including surveillance, partner notification and populations at risk; and to address the current situation with respect to hepatitis B and C. The main emphasis of the country mission was, however, on the prevention and control of HIV. The country visit was conducted in Helsinki over three days and consisted of meetings with several institutions and organisations. In addition to representatives from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, meetings included representatives from the National Institute for Health and Welfare, the Criminal Sanctions Agency and various nongovernmental organisations. (p.22, recommendation) Regarding the excellent low-threshold health service centres for PWID it is suggested that it should be considered whether harm reduction possibilities could be expanded by providing clean injection rooms. Another element which could be added is drug checking for those who inject drugs from dubious sources. An innovative approach could be to offer substitution of these drugs in low-threshold health centres.