Puerto Rican literature

Legislation regulating drug consumption rooms

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Rich Port, Poor Port. Revue SCIENCE, Vol 313-28, July 2006, p.475-476.

On an early weekday afternoon in a barrio outside San Juan called La Colectora, a dozen men and one woman pay $1 each to enter a shooting gallery, a small house where users inject and then typically collapse into a chair. Out front, two outreach workers and a doctor from Iniciativa Comunitaria set up a needleexchange program. Julio, a 33-year-old heroin addict, shuffles up and lays eight syringes on the ground, receiving an equal number in exchange. Julio, who is homeless, does not shuffle because he is high: Injecting has left him with bloody and blackened abscesses on his calves that may be gangrenous, says Angel González, a clinician with the program.